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Woodland Photography Tutorials

Woodland photography has a special magic. Woodland grounds, helps to relax and so woodland photography belongs to the most relaxing subgenres of landscape photography.

There is no other place in photography, where is that much chaos as in woodland. This makes it quite difficult for many photographers to find compositions. But in the other hand there exists no other place, where that many possibilities of compositions exist like in woodland. It is just all about how to find compositions in woodland.

Forests are used for producing wood already for hundrets of years, this is why the number of absolutely nature finished, mystical woods like in fairy tales has got rare. But even in the most "boring" woodland around the corner, you can create breathtaking masterpieces on your photography - and even mystical woodland photographs are possible. And everyone can learn to do that.

Enjoy our totally FREE YouTube Tutorials about woodland photography where you learn - how to use your gear, how to find a composition, how to build up a compelling composition, how to use light to your advantage and importantly - how to get to fine art photography. There are no secrets in woodland photography - we reveal everything. Each week we upload a new video for you with tons of tips - and lots of them are about woodland photography!

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Woodland photography is more than just photographing woodland - it is all about the pure essence of enjoying the nature.

Start your woodland photography adventure right now - join us on YouTube, right now!

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Woodland Photography Workshops

You want to join us at a relaxing woodland photography adventure in Europe and improve your woodland photography?

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Landscape Photographer and Photography Artist Christian Irmler photographing in the Austrian Alps

Improve your Woodland Photography

You want to bring your landscape photography to the next level? With more than 30 years of experience in landscape photography we analyse your landscape photography skills and help you exactly at your highest potential for improvement.

The ability to use a camera is nice, but to get out a masterpiece, you need to bring composition, light, timing - and in woodland photography also the weather - together.

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Workshops for woodland photography in the Austrian Alps and around.
All photography workshops are meant for each level of photography: For beginners, advanced and masters.

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Woodland Photography Europe - Workshops & 1-2-1 Tution


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Woodland Photography

Workshops & 1-2-1 Tution

"Finding a great composition depends on how I feel and how the scene I look at, matches these emotions."

Christian Irmler - Landscape Photographer and great-great grandnephew of Gustav Klimt (6th degree)


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